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Aunty Climax

|Includes: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)

   For all of you who were all keyed up for high-end atmospheric vengeance, wreaked upon the world's center of financial misbehavior by the elemental proxies of a just and terrible god . . . I feel your pain. What  a  let down. 

    There was a time (we are assured by those who came before) when those communities given over to avarice, lust, or any other of the more popular sins, could expect to eventually draw the destructive attention of the moral compass of the universe. Floods, earthquakes, fires, plague, visits from Assyrians, rains of flaming brimstone – the man upstairs has a deep playbook. Sodom, Gomorrah, Lisbon, San Francisco, Beirut, Havana – all have been held up as examples of cosmic displeasure. And so, when Irene's course was plotted (3 months ago - see, a lot of us were all revved up for front row seats for another real time morality play.
    'Twas not to be. Irene pummeled the (presumably even more sinful?) Carolinas, and put on a good show on approach, but New York was spared, the opening bell not even delayed.

    I have given some thought to this, and some other relatively recent failures in the execution of expected biblical outcomes, and I have come to the distressing conclusion that God would now seem to be fighting above his weight class.
    Let's not berate the old boy – he had a good run. But things change, and in any field of endeavor, eventually Someone always comes along who is bigger and better. And clearly the sins of Wall Street are Just Too Much for YHWH to handle anymore. He never trained for this. Philistines and Amelekites got nothing on Goldman Sachs et al.