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Out on the Frontiers

     Had an odd moment recently, a realization that had not struck me before, and I feel the need to share it. Briefly. (Promise!)

    I was putting in an order for some puts, way out of the money, a strike that my broker informed me hadn't traded since June, for which there were No Bids (that's not especially uncommon for me, these days). I put in a low ball nickel bid, and went back to other business. 
    Later that day, I was checking the day's action on Yahoo, and there, on the options page, was my trade - the oddball size, the nickel price, it was unmistakably mine - alone. No other trades for that strike - not that day, that week . . .  none, as I said, since June. And at that moment, it hit me that, out of 6 Billion people on this planet, for months, I was the only one who wanted this particular financial contract enough to offer what some nameless other guy wanted for it.
   Makes a fella feel special. (Maybe 'short bus' special - time will tell) It's like I won a Gold Medal for . . . something. Winning by default, I grant you - winning because no one else was really trying. But winning.

   I imagine the explosion in variety of financial instruments in recent decades has given more and more of us the opportunity to be 'mountain man' traders, trying to profit from wandering into places few others venture. Recently a Contributor here on SA posed the question "Does Contrarianism = profit". My answer was, no, contrarianism = Leverage. And, out here on the frontier, the leverage is truly awesome.
   Like the mountain man, I may not profit (or even survive). But the view is just . . . breathtaking.