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What I am thankful for

|Includes: BAC, GS, JPM, MS, Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

   The fashion, this time of year, is to declare to someone what we are thankful for. 
   I despise most such fashions, But I haven't posted in a While, so I will use the excuse.

   First and foremost, I am thankful for the Bulls. Especially the ones that sold me those Netflix puts. YOW!
    I am thankful for the unbelievable levels of denial within the larger US financial companies.
    I am thankful for each and every participant of the Eurofarce. There are too many to name – you know who you are. Seriously, it's like an undead clown show. Zombies with big red noses, and a calliope in the background.
   I am thankful for Chinese government, for preparing their own apocalypse so diligently. You go, guys!
   I am thankful to the movers and shakers within the Republican Party, for working So HARD to ensure that Nobody with a Clue as to how to deal with the current crisis gets anywhere Near their party's nomination. Seriously, if Ron Paul or Gary Johnson got nominated, the bear-party would end 4 years ahead of time, and we can't have that! 
   I am thankful to the Democrats for so thoroughly discrediting nearly ever single part of their agenda, in just one presidential term. I will admit that I am not terrible comfortable with the prospect of the attendant return to fashion of open racism, but I suppose I can adapt.
   I am thankful I have no one pestering me to travel long distances, on days the national infrastructure is packed well past capacity, to argue with them over a table full of food.

  In sum, like all the world's comedians, I am thankful for the tremendous volume of humans stupidity that preceding generations so carefully fostered, that it might bloom to its current crowning glory . . . all in time for me to make money off of it. I… I think there's something in my eye…