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Happy Old Year!

|Includes: AXP, BAC, DIA, QQQ, SQBG, iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT), USO

     Frozen in, with little else to do, I began totaling up my capital gains and losses for 2009. Looks like it was a pretty good year. 
     Little of my net worth was at risk this year, as I was expecting something of a lull after the exhausting drop. Still, I managed to make money with what I had in play. 
     My most profitable trades were the tail end of my 'crash' trades from 2008. I closed most of those in December of that year, but a few I kept open, and closed in February of '09.
      My position in TLT, which I held for exactly 13 months and 1 week, I closed for 9.5% capital gain (plus dividends). This was about my only long term gain.
    (My other experiments with Treasury-related assets are described in detail in my post, "Dances with Treasuries")
      My puts on BoA I held just shy of 5 months, and they quintupled. This was my biggest win of the year, though actually not huge for a winning option trade (I made way more on puts on GE, GS & C in 2008). In my defense, I will say that that particular trade was a bit crowded by October. 
     My puts on QQQ (ETF mirroring nasdaq 100), which bought, and closed, on the same day as the BoA puts, only a bit more than doubled. I had a pretty good entry point, but my exit was imperfect.

    While some reading my posts may be tempted to label me a 'perma-bear', when Prechter called the intermediate bottom in March, I bought calls on DIA. Expecting a brief run-up in oil for the summer, I also bought calls on USO. All of these made small but respectable returns for the 2-6 months I held them - but those winnings were almost wiped out by the calls I bought on XOM, assuming a run up in oil and the Dow would mean a run-up in the world's most sensibly run oil company. Not so. Net of all these: +c.$100.
    In April, I shorted AXP, which was kind enough to not participate in the rally. Closed it July, for about 8%.
     In March, I shorted a High Yield Muni fund. But in April, and again in June, my broker demanded I buy down parts of the position, as they could no longer 'locate' them (for more on this, see my "Know thy Broker" post). I originally thought I had still managed a small profit on these, but I was sadly mistaken - took a noticeable loss. 
    My only other significant loss was on puts on MSO (detailed in my "Hall of Shame" post). 

   My total realized yield for funds at risk in the ever more dangerous world of brokerages looks like about 7%.