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Learning to love the Chinese (people)

    I frequently wax eloquent, on these pages and elsewhere, about my loathing for the Communist Chinese government; routinely referring to them, for example, as "the Heirs of Mao". And I would like to assure all that that has not changed. I am old enough that the Tienamin Square Massacre does not seem like so very long ago, and I am in no hurry to rehabilitate those who found driving tanks over their children preferable to change. 
   But a government is seldom a good reflection of its people (certainly mine isn't!), and I have recently had cause to think well of the Chinese commercial class. 

  A little while ago, I began looking for possible suppliers for a manufactured item, essentially just a smaller version of something readily available from local retail sources. The Information Age makes such searches easy, and I sent out inquiries to several domestic producers. 
   And got not one constructive response. 
   Nearing surrender, I rediscovered "" - a search engine designed to facilitate international trade. I'd heard of it before, but never had occasion to use it. I put out a query . . . and within 48 hours had four bidders - All from China. Two of which promptly began a bidding war. 

   Makes a fellow feel kinda important. 

   More importantly, it underscores that there are people over there that understand that producing what others desire is the path to prosperity, a distinctly un-Communist notion. And a welcome one.
    I do not blame Chinese supply of Walmart for the woes of my country, any more than I blame our closer, but similarly industrious Mexican neighbors for this or that. It seems to me an unavoidable law of creation that the productive thrive at the relative expense of the unproductive. He who lowers my cost of living, especially on the cusp of a deflation of epic proportions, is my friend. 
    So here's to you, Chinese merchants - I swear to never hold your government's bad behavior against you. Hopefully, you will be equally charitable . . .