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A small victory . . . but I'll take it

Vindication is sweet. To be proved right, in public, is an addictive nectar. I have tasted it quite a bit of it of late. And I am planning another feast next year.

But one of my smaller dishes was served early.

Long time SA users will no doubt be familiar with a character named Cetin, a prolific posting perma-bull who wracked up an astounding negative 7,000 and change rating by his peers. Always plugging his blog, Cetin was the sort who use the term "goldilocks economy" as a serious descriptive. I once referred to him as SA's Terminator - "You can't talk to him! You can't reason with him! He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely Will Not Stop!"

I went through several stages with Cetin. Denial (contradicting him), Anger (mocking him), Bargaining (trying to convince him), etc. And judging from the posts I have seen, so did a lot of others. 

Finally, at one point, several months ago, I publicly predicted that "In two years, even he will have seen the error of his ways. But by then, he will be hiding behind another screen name."

And Lo! Cetin, after apparently being disciplined by Seeking Alpha moderators, disappeared from SA in mid-May. Or so it would seem. It tuns out that Cetin still stalks the halls of SA. But he has already changed his tune - he baits references to his blog with bearish messages. And he posts under a host of different screen names.

So, a dish served early. I'll take it.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to make money off of these observations . . .