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Hey Oil Speculators - Drive Oil to $30 a Barrel !

|Includes: DIG, DUG, OIL, The United States Oil ETF, LP (USO)

     I am on a crusade to rally the same oil speculators or traders that drove the price of oil to $147 last summer and to $72 this summer to do their part to take the price down to $30 a barrel.  By bringing the price down to $30, you will be helping the economy by allowing businesses to increase their profits and allow consumers to keep more of their hard earned money. 

     Come on speculators, begin shorting the oil futures hand over fist driving that oil price down.   Cover your shorts along the way - you'll make money, businesses will have lower costs and higher profits and consumers will funnel more money into the economy.  Let's work together to create an oil stimulus program.