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Distinction Between Recoating And Refinishing Hardwood Floors


Recoating and refinishing are two different methods when it comes to hardwood floor job.

Recoating is perfect for the hardwood floor that requires just a necessary touch up.

While Refinishing is perfect for a hardwood floor that really involves some tender loving care.

Some people may think that recoating and refinishing is just the same thing. But it's actually not. Recoating is a much faster and simpler procedure than refinishing, and the method you go down depends on the condition your hardwood floor is in.

Recoating is perfect for the hardwood floor that requires just a necessary touch up.

If your hardwood floor has been proficiently sanded and taken care of in the preceding years, it should still be in attractive good form. This would also let you to need recoating for at least every after year. By doing so, you will furnish it that extra protection it needs to keep on looking good for many more years to come. Recoating is best when the floor itself is still fine. The finishing on top of the floor keeps it but it does have a tendency to start wearing away through use over time. It only means you will eventually need to recoat it in order to keep it looking superior.

Refinishing is perfect for a hardwood floor that really involves some tender loving care.

Not all floors have been cautiously treated and confined over the time although. Like for example, you have moved into an old house and you begin to renovate it. You tear up the carpets downstairs and find out that there is an old hardwood floor beneath. It could even be the original floorboards. You have decided to bring back these floorboards and have them on show to really enhance the appearance and feel of the house.

In this situation, recoating is obviously not necessary because it surely won't do the trick. This hardwood floor could have been covered by a carpet for a long time and it needs refinishing before you can show it off to your neighbors.

This is the kind of situation where you need to opt for a total refinishing of the floor. This involve cleaning it up, vacuuming it, checking for overhanging nails and countersinking them to avoid further damage being done and lots more besides. The floor will also require be carefully sanding and then vacuuming again before any surface coating can be put down.

This only means that refinishing process is a lot more in depth than the recoating one. The type of process you would use is depended on what state your hardwood floor is in. Although it has been taken care for before, it could have been many years since it was last taken care of. If you move into a property where the prior owner didn't take proper care of their hardwood floors, you could discover they will need totally stripping back and refinishing. This type of job takes time before its completion but you will appreciate the better end result when it is done.

As you can see, there is a big difference between recoating and refinishing. Make sure you opt the right method for your own floor.

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