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How I Created My Own Portfolio Over A Lifetime

|Includes: AAPL, BBY, DIA, GE, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), JNJ, MKC, PEP, QQQ, RSP, SPY, VFIIX

This instablog will provide links to all the articles I write about creating my own portfolio, what I have learned along the way (including successes and failures) and how/what I would do if I were starting out at a much younger age. It contains a lot of what I have tried to explain to my 23-year-old son over the past few months/years. Recently, it seemed as thought something clicked for him and he gets it. Investing over a lifetime begins with a plan and flexible goals along with milestones along the way to measure progress and facilitate adjustments as necessary.

My thesis, as it stands now and has for the past couple of decades, is based upon a long-term, buy-and-hold strategy of investing to build future income streams as my focus. I stick with quality and never reach for yield. I would rather accept lower returns temporarily than put too much of my capital at higher than necessary risk. I am always in the market to some extent. I rarely sell those investments that were purchased primarily for income. I like to add layer upon layer of income to my holdings, increasing my overall cash flows.

The links below are to the articles I have completed thus far to explain my strategies and allocations across the multiple asset classes that I own. I hope readers can enjoy reading about my experiences in stocks, bonds and real estate. Some adventures have turned out very well while others were the cause of much consternation.

Part I - Series overview and how I developed a unique approach to investing.

Part II - Questions investors should answer before developing a financial plan.

Part III - Allocating across asset classes and within an equity portfolio.

Part III [A] - Allocations to bonds, real estate and precious metals.

Part IV - Answering questions from earlier articles to explain a flash crash; the parties involved and the mechanics of a flash crash.

Part V - The hardest lesson I have had to learn.

Part VI - When and why I sell and the methods I use to do so.

Part VII - What I have learned about avoiding taxes, which account I put what into and why.

Part VIII - The basics of saving and creating a plan

Part IX - How I helped my son develop his financial plan

Part X - Adjusting a financial plan to fit new career path

Just click on the Part you want to read to access the article. Then, upon finishing each article, you can use the "back" button on your browser to come back and click on the next Part/topic that interests you; or you should be able to click on the link at the bottom of each article "On to Part "__" to proceed in the order of which the articles were written.

I hope my experience can shed some light and help you with your future investing decisions. You do not need to follow my strategies, but you may find something that helps you form your own plan or strategy. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I am/we are long PEP, JNJ, VFIIX, AAPL, MKC.