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Taking Delivery Of A Model X? Here's A Handy Check List

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

Posted at TMC Forum by MarkZ, the proud owner of a Signature Series Model X, who is trying to get Tesla to help him iron out just a few issues:


Here are additional Model X specific items from my list created after taking delivery. Some may be repetitive from Nick's list, but I'd rather include them here.

- Check that 2nd row safety plates at the floor leave no gaps or holes during the entire forward and backward movement of the seats.

- Check all 2nd row seats for missing seat anchor point covers.

- Check both sides of each 2nd row seat for loose trim.

- Check under the carpet mats at the 2nd row for level seams on the floor. Rock the floor edges front to back to check for wobble of each of the three sections.

- Check that 3rd row seats fold down. Headrest first and the seat back follows.

- Check that the 3rd row seats can release and be restored to their upright locked position.

- Check the 3rd row seat backs where they meet in the middle. Is the leather stitched trim the same size on each side?

- Check from the trunk that the bottom of the rear seat carpet back is not bent and binding when raised. Pull trunk load floor firmly towards the rear of the vehicle to increase the gap.

- Check tie downs in the trunk that they are lying flat against the carpet and not sticking up.

- Stop the Falcon Wing Door in mid travel using the key fob to check for seal damage or misplaced wiring.

- Check if the driver and passenger door always open without having to pry the door loose with fingers.

- Let the Model X time out with doors open. Check if the driver and passenger door close and latch.

- Check both Falcon Wing Door sills for dents and scratches.

- Double check all wheels for edge damage.

- Check hidden paint edges at the B pillars for paint chips next to the roof glass.

- Check for Parcel Shelf to be installed with rear seats down (included for Signature vehicles)

- With the hatch open, check the seal space between the paint and plastic.

- With the hatch open, Check that upper hatch seals are closed with no paint or a little paint showing. Easy to correct on the spot.

- Check the rear headrests for scratches on the plastic back while the headrest is down before seat lowering.

- Check the 2nd row seat posts for scratches and carpet alignment at the base.

- Check leather seats for pucker (hills). Creases on the edges are normal for this quality of leather.

- Check windshield in direct sunlight for any sparkles caused by sand hitting the windshield during transport.

- Check paint carefully for specks of clear coat that may affect the application of clear bra wrap. More frequent on horizontal surfaces (hood).

- Check under the carpet cover in the rear trunk if the air tubes are fully positioned across the width of the trunk and did not slide together in shipment.

- Check top center roof glass outside for excessive height differences or bending.

- Check rear hatch when closed for equal sized gaps on both sides. Now, check the taillight gaps if they are of similar spacing on each side.

- Check rear hatch top alignment with Falcon Wing Doors. Most important is that all chrome trim aligns around the entire vehicle.

- Check under outside rear view mirrors for excessive clear glue.

- Check at the right and left bottom corner of the windshield for loose plastic trim that has pulled away from painted B pillar.

- Check during a test drive at slow speed that a raise of the cruise control doesn't cause the vehicle to engage at low speed and speed up gradually.

Disclosure: I am/we are short TSLA VIA LONG-DATED PUTS.