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Caveat Emptor: Do Not Buy A Model X Unless And Until...

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) have watched this video.

UPDATE: APRIL 23, 2016: The original youtube video has been deleted, but you can download it here now. Many thanks to the intrepid yambol.

Also worth watching (long term Model S reviews) are this and this.

SECOND UPDATE: April 23, 2016: After being deleted some time after my original Instablog post, the original video was restored late yesterday. I'll keep the download link here in case it again disappears.

THIRD UPDATE: April 23, 2106: I see that the irrepressible Ralph Vader (keef) has posted a separate youtube link. Thank you, too, Ralph.

There are many, many other reports of problems with this car.

The Model X is a hugely expensive, hugely complicated, terrible contraption.

Only a narcissistic egomaniac could have insisted on the "falcon wing doors" despite decades of auto industry experience teaching what a terrible idea they are.

Prediction: fit and finish issues, if not evident when the cars are delivered, will show up within a few months on many of these cars.

It is appalling that Tesla rushed to deliver these cars in Q1. It's not as if Tesla wasn't warned.

Disclosure: I am/we are short TSLA VIA LONG-DATED PUTS.