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Musk Toady Evan Niu Finds A Happy Home At Tesla

|Includes: TSLA, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

A few months ago, I wrote a fairly uncharitable piece about Evan Niu of the Motley Fool

Niu had written an especially fatuous criticism of me (here) so I struck back (here).

Among other things, I wrote of Niu:

Why would Niu even bother to write such a pointless and inconsequential piece?

You would need to be familiar with the work of Evan Niu to answer that question.

You would need to know that while Tesla CEO Elon Musk has numerous lapdogs in the "business press," Niu is an especially favored pet. And for good reason: Niu (like his colleague at The Motley Fool, Daniel Sparks) enjoys a reputation as a relentless Tesla pumper.

(Of course, neither Niu nor Sparks can hold a candle to CNBC's "auto and airline industry reporter," Phil LeBeau, who is well established as the Dean of Fawning Musk Brown-Nosers.)

Sure, Niu's pieces peddle the predictable with pedestrian prose, but always with a devoted tone about all topics Teslarian and all matters Muskian.

Let's give credit where credit is due: Niu has worked hard for several years to earn his reputation by writing a seemingly endless stream of adoring tributes to Musk and Tesla, all in the familiar style of the sycophantic lickspittle.

To become the leader's favorite in a zealous cult where so many kneel and grovel to compete for the smallest token of attention is no mean achievement.

I have been puzzled in recent weeks because I haven't been able to find any Niu articles at The Motley Fool about Tesla.

I would have expected him to write something, for instance, enthusiastically praising the announced merger of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SolarCity (SCTY), and reflecting on the visionary genius giving rise to the happy union.

The mystery has been solved. A colleague today sent me an email linking to Evan Niu's LinkedIn page.

As of this month, Niu has a new job:

It's really just too perfect.

Disclosure: I am/we are short TSLA VIA LONG-DATED PUTS.