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Apple’s Wireless Mouse is Far from Mighty

Being the tech enthusiast that I am, I generally review products, apps, or tech concepts that excite me. This sometimes brings readers to ask me if I have encountered a product that did NOT impress me. Over the years I have reviewed many products and the majority of them, once they draw my attention enough to blog about them, did impress me. I have given some negative reviews as well about different apps, but there was always a redeeming factor about anything I reviewed; until now.

A few months back I was on the market for a new mouse for my new Macbook. I of course wanted something that would not ruin the beautiful aesthetics of the Macbook, so my first inclination was to stick with Apple. I looked at Apple’s offering when it came to mice and saw the Mighty Mouse. I immediately tweeted a question asking people what they thought of it and was met with very mixed reactions. What was interesting was that the people who liked it could not tell me why they liked it, they just said they use it and it’s fine. The people who did not like it, REALLY did not like it.

I had the Mighty Mouse stuck in my head so I ignored the negative responses and went ahead and purchased one. Wow was that a mistake. The mouse looks nice, and there you have it, the only positive thing I have to say about it. The shape is not in the least bit ergonomic and it is a pain to work with. It is is flat and the human hand is not. The feel of it is so unnatural in your hand unlike many mice I have used made by other manufacturers. When using the Mighty Mouse you get the feeling that the only thing Apple had in mind when designing the thing was looks. Usability was not considered at all.

The mouse’s main advantage is its 360 degree trackball. Totally useless. It is too small and once again, very uncomfortable. It stops responding every so often due to the dirt it seems to collect. There are endless videos on YouTube instructing people how to clean it, but I am pretty sure that would not be necessary if it had been engineered properly.

The side buttons, which are supposed to function as shortcut buttons that are configurable, are also unusable. They do not actually move, so you do not know if you did or did not press it. It’s like Apple tried to do everything wrong with this mouse, and we all know that when Apple wants something from their products, they get it. Apple is a perfectionist company and this mouse is perfectly horrible.

I do not know if this was a Bluetooth issue but using the mouse with the Macbook, the Bluetooth would disconnect very often and I would need to restart the Bluetooth radio. Highly annoying. Sometimes it would turn out to be the batteries, other times, it was an unknown issue.

Getting down to more details, the battery cover…Oh man is this thing annoying. I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to open it, no, I am not kidding. Even after watching the video (the fact that such a video exists shows I am not alone), I still could not get it open smoothly, I had to use a knife. No big deal when the batteries last long but when I have to change them every 2 months, it can get very annoying.

I could go on and on about this mouse, but I wont. Bottom line is I bought it 3 months ago and I am now selling it, if I can find a buyer. My next mouse will most probably be the Microsoft Arc, a simple mouse that was actually engineered for the human hand. Seems Microsoft do know how to do some things better than Apple, who knew?