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Web 2.0/Social Networks At Their Finest

By: Tech N’ Marketing

This is a big day for Web 2.0. A plane just crashed and fell into NYC's Hudson river and the very first reports, as well as photographs of the plane were not on CNN, they were on Twitter. This might be the first big news event that will give Twitter and social networks the credit they deserve. Meanwhile, Twitpic, where the famous picture was posted, is down due to bandwidth issues. You will be reading a lot of articles about this event over the next few weeks and how it was reported and displayed on Twitter before the traditional news channels and websites, just remember, you read it here first. Update: Janis Krums (@jkrums), the guy who posted the picture now has 2,200 followers (including yours truly) and that number grows every time I click refresh. 2,000 of them are new since he posted the picture. The actual picture has over 90,000 views. Talk about immediate fame.