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Hydrogen Revolution

|Includes: Ballard Power Systems, Inc. (BLDP), F, HYGS, PLUG, TOYOF, UQM

Inflection in energy

Energy Paradigm Shift

Synergy in Energy



Energy has now begun to shift the way we think and evaluate its mode. More and more reports are showing headlines of energy companies buying and investing in renewables. BP, GE, Exonn. Not mention the Automotive companies invested heavy in alternative mode of transportation for over a decade. Take for instance Ballard power and Plug Power. I have followed their individual growth for years. As I grew up you would see tons of diesel and Gas automobiles with 351 and 402 big blocks now they are a relic of the past. 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines became a hit in the 1990's in the usa and the movement was sparked in the U.S. where the 90's babies no longer wanted big body big block but sleek light weight fuel efficient vehicles. Early adoption of fuel cells can be seen in IP leasing from the DOD and Canadian Military back in the early 2000's. Even Early Rose Perot and George Bush planning for the USA independence from foreign energy and seeking the ability to defend the nation through RD. Ballard Power has been around since the 80's but early adoption was not feasible, nor was it in line with profitability. As you we dive deep into fuel cells we can see the technology being vested in heavily through stock giveaways and collaborative research by automotive and early fuel cell companies Bldp and Plug.  AFEC was a collaborative moved to Europe involving Ford, Chrysler, Ballard power and others in the early 2000s to expedite research in the new technology. This technology later would be ignited by Research done in the good old northwest. Washington state Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, would help ignite Fuel cell companies and latter breakthroughs by Ballard itself in finding an inexpensive cathode to for use in PEM technology. The shift from platinum to Iron ore will launch these stocks to the moon.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in BLDP, PLUG over the next 72 hours.