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The Ups and Downs of Wind

I am a great believer that wind can make a significant contribution to electricity generation. However, I find the propoganda of the lobbyists hard to stomach.

Take this:

Some countries make wind energy look easy, even when it isn’t. Ireland recently achieved a record by providing 39% of its electricity needs from wind energy. The output of Ireland’s wind farms peaked at 999MW last Friday – enough to supply over 650,000 homes.


Great news isn’t it. However, its not the whole story.

A week ago, this actually happened. Ireland’s 1,085MW of installed wind capacity generated 999 MW of power. Thats 92% capacity utilisation.

However, I wonder what is happening today? From the same source, as of now, the maximum has reached 100 MW, or less than 10% of capacity utilisation. That kind of variability poses massive problems, which some wish to just sweep under the carpet.

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