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FREE Stock Cashflow Spreadsheet


Use this spreadsheet to track the total return and annual cashflow of your stock portfolios.

Keep all your portfolios in one place and access through the Google Sheets App.

Easier sort your stocks to analyze and rank performance of individual stocks

For those of you like me who have multiple brokerage accounts and portlios, it is frustrating not being able to have one database to track dividend cashflow. Yes there are apps out there like Mint and Personal Capital, and they are great for tracking returns, but can get cumbersome with linking account numbers, navigating the app or website, and getting annoying emails or phone calls from financial advisors.

I have been wanting a simple tool that can track the cashflow of stocks and also estimate how adding stocks to my portfolio would affect my future cashflow. Also, I really wanted to know my dividend yield on cost, and have not found a tool like this in any of my apps.

With the help of Google Sheets "IMPORTDATA" function, I have created a spreadsheet that automatically imports real-time stock prices and dividend information.

Simply fill out the columns highlighted in yellow win your ticker symbols and purchase price and the spreadsheet does the rest for you. There is a "Broker" column if you have multiple accounts. The spreadsheet it set up to filter with any column you would like. 

Lastly, the "Watchlist" section is for estimating how stocks on your watchlist would impact your cashflow and average yield on cost.

The sample spreadsheet is linked below:

FREE Stock Cashflow Spreadsheet

I hope you find this beneficial. Please comment below if you find this useful.