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Debt Consolidating Tips

There is a lot of confusion with regard to debt consolidation. Much of this confusion comes from the numerous scams that exist. Unfortunately, those with debts are often a target of debt scampers making a bad situation worse and worse until bankruptcy is the only option for the debtor. Rather than getting caught in the trap of bad scams, there are things that can be done to protect every person with debts. You have to take control of your situation and find the solution that seems reasonable, plausible, and right for you. You have to do your homework with regards to debt consolidation companies rather than taking the magic answer.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you in your debt relief research:

Check with the Better Business Bureau no matter the company you are interested in. The BBB is there to ensure that you are not getting involved in a scam. There is also an online version. Just because the website or business has the symbols meaning they are part of the BBB doest't mean they are. You have to truly check the BBB to learn all you can. Since the BBB will explain any complaints against the company and show their membership list you can certainly double check the company you are most interested in.

Forums and other review sites can be of help too. You may not find everything you want from a review site, but chances are if there are enough red flags on the play it means something is not right with that debt consolidation company. It is far better to get reviews and find the companies with the most positive reports as well as checking the BBB.

Also, do not talk with one company alone. Certainly talking with a debt consolidation company may provide an answer, but what are the banks saying? What will a credit union do to help you? Sometimes credit unions are more willing to help those in debt. You may find there is still a mainstream solution. If not you have done your homework and you know which debt consolidation company gave you the right feel with regards to a debt relief solution.

While you are talking with companies about debt relief, start with a list of your debts from the smallest to the largest. Pay the minimum payment on all of your debts except the one with the smallest balance. Increase the minimum payment as much as you can without getting into more debt. Once it is paid off move on to the next smallest until you have paid off all of the debts you currently carry. This works particularly well with credit cards. Do not fall behind on any of your payments and incur the late fees and high interest. Instead gain control by looking at your options and ensure that if you need help you seek it through proper channels with debt consolidation companies or nonprofit foundations that you can trust.

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