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Todd Gordon – “Forex Trading Using Fibonacci & Elliott Wave” – A DVD Review

The forex trading looks as a complete different business to the shares trading. And this on good grounds, as most investors know. The forex pairs are the most traded investments in the world,, which ensures a fabulous liquidity. And also a volatility which makes even the riskiest share bubbles look like a joke.


As such, the forex trading platforms have proliferated lately to such an extent that today are accessible to any investor. You can trade on huge margins and make huge gains in a matter of minutes – or huge losses. The difference between the normal investor and the exceptional one remains the knowledge and the methods use to limit the risk and increase the profits.


From this perspective, Todd Gordon’s training DVD is a nice tool. You might read any book of  forex theory, yet the practice of an experienced trader such as Todd Gordon is irreplaceable. And as any respected trader, he has developed a system based on the Fibonacci & Elliott wave.


The idea behind is quite simple – trade on pairs of currencies based on certain patterns. As most of the technical analysis, it relies on the past data to extrapolate the future. The difference of the technique illustrated on the DVD’s is that it also provides a system to test the past models on real-time data – thus allowing you to mark your profits on a relatively secure time frame.


Believe it or not – most traders on the floor of the largest financial exchanges and behind the desks of most powered trading institutions in the world use Fibonacci trading all the time. Thus, the difference between the successful investor and the average one is the knowledge on the main drivers of the market – and here Todd Gordon does a good job on briefing the audience with his experience. I liked especially the usage of the trading psychology tactics that enables you to exploit fear and greed on the market. And above all, Gordon’s lessons offer you practical patterns and strategies which allow you to spot profitable pouches in the forex game.


Of course, the past performance cannot guarantee the future profits. In any case, you should be better off when trading armed with some additional knowledge on the market – and this is exactly what this training DVD aims for.


This training DVD is available from Market Place Books.