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Mad Dog Russo Not Allowed to Broadcast in New Yankee Stadium or Citi Field

|Includes: CBS, Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (SIRI)

Chris Mad Dog Russo would love to broadcast the home openers live from the New Yankee Stadium and Mets Citi Field but WFAN and WCBS-AM which are both owned by CBS are invoking its radio exclusivity clause to keep Russo out. Chris Russo is steaming mad and accuses WFAN of acting in a "petty" manner.

"What (ticks) me off more than anything else is after I went on with Stern - where I was predictably put in a tough spot - Mike goes on his show and says, 'I don't view those (satellite) guys as competition,'" Russo said Thursday. "Hold it now. Time-out. If you don't view me as competition, then why can't I be at the freaking ballparks?"

WFAN additionally locked Mad Dog out of doing his show live at Port St. Lucie during Mad Dog's spring training tour.

We kind of agree with WFAN and WCBS-AM on this one, if they paid a lot of money to be the exclusive in stadium broadcasters of the Yankees and Mets then that's the deal. One of the arguments made by terrestrial radio during the Sirius XM Merger proceedings was "well they compete with us but we don't compete with them". As you can see from this incident the competition between satellite radio and terrestrial radio is bidirectional.

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