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The Trend Investing Difference


Early access to articles.

Exclusive articles, my models, my personal portfolio, Investing Well monthly macro economic article, CEO interviews.

Exclusive chat room access to me, and other sophisticated clients.

The Trend Investing difference

I am continually working to give all subscribers value for money and a significant difference to the regular free SA site. The points below show the value proposition.

1) Early access (1 month advance) on all articles (except my 4 monthly news articles – EVs, lithium, lithium juniors, and cobalt). I cover trends, individual stocks, with a focus on EVs and the EV metal miners. Currently for special articles like my 6 well valued lithium miners, and 3 well valued cobalt miners the time delay will be 2 months before they are released on the regular SA site.
Cobalt Blue for example has already tripled since my above article and is still not on the free site. On my speculative lithium miners article 4 of the 8 lithium stocks were up ~100% before the article reached the regular SA site.

Additionally when a smaller stock gets published on the free site and my 7,000 followers read it, the stock usually goes up shortly thereafter. This can be an added benefit for Trend Investing members who could already be positioned, hence many subscribers also like that. Some examples below.

2) Exclusive articles where I share some of my EV & EV metals supply demand models. I intend to add some new and updated models soon.

3) Exclusive access to my Investing Well articles covering investing tips, and the macro-economic picture (valuation, forward indicators etc), every month.

4) Exclusive access to my CEO interviews (11 done so far, with plenty to follow). These interviews offer incredible insider insight and I view them as an invaluable asset.

5) Exclusive access to me via the chat room to ask any questions, and to the other sophisticated investors in Trend Investing. I know that some are investment professionals such as fund managers. Myself and members daily post the latest relevant news mostly only in the Trend Investing chat room. The Trend Investing community has a terrific attitude, and contributes significantly to the knowledge base.

6) NEW - Exclusive access to my personal portfolio (model portfolio) via the Tools link in Trend Investing. It is a complete list of my live portfolio of stocks, my buy-in price, my exact holdings, % allocations, my personal view without advice (buy, accumulate, hold, reduce, sell) on each stock in my portfolio, and links to my articles on most stocks.

By comparison on the free site I no longer share my opinions on stocks.

I hope investors can see that I am increasingly building a significant difference between the two services (SA regular and SA Trend Investing). Seeking Alpha tells me that my Trend Investing service is the fastest growing subscriber service on Marketplace, so this tells me I am heading in the right direction. Also my reviews have been excellent, so thank you.

Some sample recent reviews are here -

Charlie Bucket: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (I love it) - Dec. 28, 2017

"Matt's subscription service is the place to be if you want high quality information on how to invest in the Electric Vehicle boom. He gives regular recommendations, industry updates and has interviewed many Lithium and Cobalt mining CEOs. I've followed his articles for a few years now and the information has helped me make a lot of money. Investing in one of his tips last month paid for the annual subscription more than ten times over!"

Florian from Munich  - Dec. 30, 2017

"Matt - thanks for your portfolio, much appreciated! BTW the best "investment" I have made in 2017 was to subscribe to your service - significant yield."

LiCo Investor - Dec. 30, 2017

"And dittos to Florian's post from the USA!"

I am happy to receive some more feedback on how I can improve the service and differentiate between the two services.


Matt Bohlsen

Research Analyst

Trend Investing

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Disclosure: I am/we are long Cobalt Blue [ASX:COB].

Additional disclosure: My service is an information service and general in nature and should not be relied upon as personal financial advice.

Disclosure: I am/we are long ASX:COB.

Additional disclosure: The information in this article is general in nature and should not be relied upon as personal financial advice.