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Five High Income Uk Stocks

|Includes: BlackRock High Yield Trust (BHY), BUR

The stock market is one of the most important sources for companies to raise their money. This allows business to go public, or raise additional capital for expansion. The exchange provides the liquidity which affords investors the ability to quickly and easily sell securities. This is an attractive feature of investing in stocks, compared to other less liquid investments. You can invest in these FTSE dividend yield stocks and can generate your income.

Gallifor Try Plc. (LON: GFRD) -

Gallifor Try Plc. is a United Kingdom-based house building and construction company. It is a leading British construction business which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company was created in 2000 through a merger of Try Group plc. It provides whole-life solution, delivering housing and regeneration schemes and construction projects, ranging from public and commercial building to civil engineering works. The company's subsidiaries include Gallifor Try Construction Limited, Gallifor Try Homes Limited, Gallifor Try Infrastructure Limited and Gallifor Try Investments Limited.

It has a market capitalization of 792.42 Million, EPS is 0.60, P/E ratio is 16.22 and the dividend yield is 3.41% at the annual dividend payout of 12.00.

CareTech Holdings Plc. (LON: CTH) -

CareTech Holdings Plc. is a provider of specialist care and housing support services throughout the United Kingdom for people with learning and physical disabilities. The company operates in four business segments: Adult Learning Disabilities, Young People Residential Services, Foster Care and Family Services and Mental Health. The company offers support to the people who have mental health issues and sophisticated pathways back to an ordinary life for people recovering from mental illness.

The company has a market capitalization of 87.72 Million, EPS is 0.12, P/E ratio is 13.81 and the dividend yield is 3.79% at the annual dividend payout of 4.29.

Renew Holdings Plc. (LON: RNWH) -

Renew holdings plc. is a United Kingdom-based holding company which is engaged in engineering services and specialist building. The company operates with two business segments: Engineering Services, which comprises the Company's engineering activities and the second segment is Specialist Building, which comprises the Company's building activities. The main activities are carried out in the United Kingdom with some development activities in the United States.

It has a market capitalization of 64.09 Million, EPS is 0.11, P/E ratio is 9.40 and the dividend yield is 2.99% at the annual dividend payout of 1.10.

Henry Boot plc. (LON: BHY) -

Henry Boot PLC is a property and construction company. Its principal activities and its subsidiaries include property, land, construction and other which include central services, head office administration and in-house leasing. The company's main objective is to maximize long-term shareholder value through the development of and investment in property assets, the promotion of new land development opportunities, construction and plant hire activities. Its subsidiaries include Banner Plant Limited, First National Housing Trust Limited, Hallam Land Management Limited, Henry Boot Construction Limited, Stonebridge Projects Limited and Winter Ground Limited.

It has a market capitalization of 245.90 Million, EPS is 0.07, P/E ratio is 26.16 and the dividend yield is 2.51% at the annual dividend payout of 2.90.

Burford Capital Limited (LON: BUR) -

Burford Capital Limited is closed-ended investment company. It provides investment capital and risk solutions with a focus on the litigation and arbitration sector. The company's objective is to provide shareholders with attractive levels of UK dividends and capital growth. It also provides a range of corporate finance and insurance solutions to lawyers and clients engaged in litigation and arbitration worldwide. On February 29, 2012, the company acquired Firstassist Legal Expenses (Firstassist).

The company has a market capitalization of 225.00 Million, EPS is 0.06, P/E ratio is 17.52 and the dividend yield is 2.87% at the annual dividend payout of 3.16.

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