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Two Best New Zealand Property Trust Stocks

The population of New Zealand is small. The country enjoys a stable democracy with a proportional representation voting system which tends to produce coalition governments. The stock exchange of New Zealand is he first in the world to open trading each day as its time zones. I am sharing two best New Zealand dividends stocks which can be a beneficial investment for you. See full information:

Goodman Property Trust (NZE: GMT)

Goodman Property Trust is a listed Unit Trust which is involved in property business. The trust invests in industrial and business space property in New Zealand. As of March 31, 2012 its investment properties and development properties include Highbrook Business Park, The Gate Industry Park, Central Park Corporate Centre, Highbrook Business Park, Westney Industry Park, Millenuim Centre, Air New Zealand House, Millennium Centre, Enterprise Park, Connect Business Estate, Penrose Industrial Estate, Yellow HQ, Glassworks Industry park, Gateside Industry Park, Southpark Industrial Estate, Vector Centre, SMEC House among others.

The company values relationships. The people of the company make their business successful. The company employees almost 50 people nationally in a range of activities and professions including legal, real estate funds management, property management, property development, building services, marketing and finance.

The company invests in the development of people in different ways from supporting tertiary studies through to on the job coaching and training. It is one of the NZSX's largest investment entities and a constituent in the leading NZX 15 index.

Its current market capitalization is 1.26 Billion, EPS is 0.07, P/E ratio is 14.47 and the dividend yield is 5.98% at the annual dividend payout of 0.02.

Argosy Property Ltd (NZE: ARG)

Argosy Property Limited is formerly known as Argosy Property Trust. It invests in properties such as commercial, retail and industrial properties throughout New Zealand. It owns one Christchurch industrial property at 8 Foundry Drive, Woolston. On 3 December 2002, it was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange after a successful public offering that raised unit holders' equity of $31,543,000. During the end of fiscal year March 31, 2012, 60 lease transactions were completed. This consisted of 38 new leases and 22 renewals of lease extensions.

The company focuses on the acquisition of quality investments and properties where value can be added or properties modernized to extend their effective useful life. Its aim is to maintain a diversified portfolio which will contain the broad spread of high-quality asset necessary to provide a steady and stable income return. These properties will be complemented by others with added value opportunities.

The company also targets properties in strategic and popular locations, enabling low vacancy rates and good lease term profiles, and properties which provide the best prospect for rental and capital growth.

On 26 June 2013, Mr. Jeff was appointed as an independent Director of the Company by the Board with effect from 20 July 2013. On July 1, 2013 the company announced that it intends to raise approximately $87 million of new equity capital through a 1:7 pro rata renounceable offers of new shares to existing shareholders.

Its current market capitalization is 743.55 Million, EPS is 0.06, P/E ratio is 14.89 and the dividend yield is 6.21% at the annual dividend payout of 0.01.

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