Thailand Growing Stock: Hana Microelectronics PCL

Sep. 10, 2013 5:24 AM ET
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Thailand Growing Stock: Hana Microelectronics PCL

Thailand has a growing economy. The country has 64 million people characterized by steady growth. Abundant natural resources and a skilled and cost-effective work force help to attract foreign investment, enables them to prosper and help develop industry in Thailand. The country became important in the late 20th cent for manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment, including appliances and computers and integrated circuits. The investors who are looking for investing in หุ้นที่จ่ายเงินปันผลสูงในประเทศไทย stocks they should consider Hana Microelectronics Public Co., Ltd which has a good dividend yield.

Hana Microelectronics Public Co. Ltd

It is a Thailand-based company which is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of electronic components. The products of the company are divided into four groups such as integrated circuit (IC) assembly, captive lines, and printed circuit board (PCBA) and automotive sensors, and micro display. As of December 31, 2012 the company had five direct subsidiaries which include Hana Semiconductor (BKK) Company Ltd, Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Company Ltd, Hana Microelectronics International Company Ltd, Hana Microelectronics Investment Company Ltd and Omac Sales Ltd.

The company is one of the South East Asia's leading Independent "Electronic Manufacturing Services" producers with facilities in Bankok, Lamphun (in northern Thailand near Chiangmai), Ayutthaya (15 miles north of the Don Muang International Airport), and Shanghai, China. It also has a significant stake in Advanced Interconnect Technologies Ltd, which has IC assembly and test operations in Batam Indonesia Hong Kong and in California, USA.


The company was established in 1978 in a small wooden house in central Bangkok with 30 employees assembling L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) watch modules. In 1979 the company moved to assemble LCD (Liquid Crystal display) watch modules. In 1982 it was serving the now giant Swiss watch combine SMH Group to assemble E-modules (Electronic module) for Q.A (Quartz Analogue) watch movement. In the year of 1983 Assemble completed watch movements from SMH Group and distribute to the Hong Kong watch market.

In 1984 the company diversified forward higher technology by investing in IC assembly through the establishment of its subsidiary Hana Semiconductor (BKK) Co., Ltd. in 1986 Hana Coil Co., Ltd was established to wind coils for watch movements and expand further to winding coils for other electronic industries. In 1998 the company acquired 100% of the assets of Olin Interconnect Technologies, a division of Olin Corporation of the US. In effective 31 December 1999 Hana merged its wholly owned subsidiary Hana Technologies Ltd, which is based in Hong Kong with Advanced Microtronics Technology (Mauritius) Ltd (AMT). In 2005 Hana Microelectronics (JIAXING) Co Ltd was established in China.

Press release

The company sales Revenue was down 9% year on year at TH 3.6 billion for the first quarter of 2013 compared to THB 4.0 billion for the first quarter of 2012. Quarter 1 2013 sales revenue for the group decreased 7% year-on-year in USD terms, from USD 130m in Q112 to USD 120m in Q113. The average exchange rate for Q113 was 2% stronger at THB/USD 30.10 from THB/USD 30.69 in Q112. As a result the sales revenue in THB terms was 9% lower year on year.

Result of Quarter ended 30 June 2013

Hana Microelectronics Group Hana Sales Revenue was down 9% year on year at THB 4.3 billion for the second quarter of 2013 compared to THB 4.7 billion for the second quarter of 2012. Sales Revenue in USD terms decreased by 6% to USD 143m from USD 151m in Q2 2012. Operating Profits decreased 11% to THB 344m in Q2 2013 from THB 385m in Q2 2012.

Dividend History

The company has a market capitalization of 18.35 Billion, EPS is 2.52, P/E ratio is 9.06 and the dividend yield is 6.58% at the annual dividend payout of 0.50.

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