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Thailand Stocks With Great Growth Potential

Thailand is located in the south eastern region of the continent of Asia. Its immediate political neighbors are the countries of Myanmar to the north and the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. In August 2013 it has delivered really shocking GDP and current account numbers for its second quarter. Stock and currency markets tumbled as the economy contracted 0.3 percent in the second quarter over the first which also saw a contraction-though GDP is still 2% above the level a year ago. The investors who want to invest in เงินปันผลไทย stocks they can select these stocks which will definitely be an attractive addition for their portfolio.

Company Name

Stock Exchange


Market Capitalization

Lanna Resources Public Company Limited



6.56 Billion

Banpu Public Company Limited



77.54 Billion

Rojana Industrial Park PCL



11.70 Billion

Khon Kaen Sugar Industry PCL



21.24 Billion

Thai Oil Public Company Limited



124.44 Billion

Vinythai Public Company Limited



13.39 Billion

Lanna Resources Public Company (LANNA): The stock has a P/E ratio of 10.58 and a high dividend yield of 5.33%. It works with the vision to be one of the coal business leaders in Asia. It is engaged in the business of importing coal from the joint venture coal mining projects in Indonesia. In 2011 the company's domestic coal market share was approximately 3.79%.

Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU): it is paying a dividend yield of 4.71% and has a P/E ratio of 15.07. The company is engaged in the business of supplying coal to domestic through imported coal from Indonesia, China and Australia, Laos and Mongolia. On June 2010 the company agreed to buy Centennial Coal Co Ltd for USD 2 billion.

Rojana Industrial Park PCL (ROJNA): with a dividend yield of 5.49% the company is engaged in the development of industrial estate in Ayutthaya and Rayong provinces. The company provides its customers first-class infrastructure and utilities and excellent support services. It is also expanding its operation into many related business areas including real estate, energy, and water and wastewater treatment.

Khon Kaen Sugar Industry PCL (KSL): The Company is a sugar producer and distributor based in Thailand. It is also engaged in manufacturing of ethanol, electricity and steam, as well as the operation of real estate business. The company was the first sugar factory that adopted modern technology to produce granulated sugar directly from fresh sugarcane juice. The stock is currently paying 4.00% dividend yield.

Thai Oil Public Company Limited (TOP): it is a refiner and supplier of refined petroleum products which has a forward dividend yield of 4.92% and a P/E ratio is 8.41. As of December 31, 2012 it had capacity of approximately 278,000 barrels per day of crude oil and other raw materials.

Vinythai Public Company Limited (VNT): the stock is paying a dividend yield of 7.58%. Most of the company's products are sold in Thailand, the remainder, throughout Southeast Asia. These products are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, vinyl chloride monomers (VCM), caustic soda and other products from PVC production.

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