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New Zealand Stock To Gain Profit

In Present time investors choose New Zealand as a good place to invest money. The country has some interesting facts which attract the investors. It is ranked 20th on the 2006 Human Development Index and the 15th on The Economist's 2005 world-wide quality-of-life index. The country is ranked the least corrupt on the Corruption Perceptions Index and 2nd on the Global Peace Index. If you are seeking for profitable Best high yield dividend New Zealand stock you should focus on Windflow technology Limited (WTL).


Windflow Technology Limited is a New Zealand-based wind turbine design and assembly company. Its business consists wind turbine manufacturing, engineering design research and development, production engineering, and wind farm development, operations and maintenance. The technology of the company includes Torque Limited Gearbox (TLG) and teeter-Control System (NYSE:TCS). It has is operations at New Zealand and North America. It has two operating segments: Corporate Segment which is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of wind turbines and spares for wind turbines. The Licensing Segment is engaged in deriving revenue from licensing agreements with other manufactures of wind turbines.

The company set up New Zealand Wind farms to own and run the Te Rere Hau Wind Farm near Palmerston North. Initially this was wholly owned but now has been completely sold off. The company supplied the wind turbines for this wind farm, and are also contracted to supply turbines for Mighty River Power's proposed Long Gully Wind Farm.


The company was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange on 2 December 2003. In June 2005, the Windflow Technology Limited raises $3.3m by way of a further Rights Issue. In the same year an initial public offering by NZ Windfarms raises $4m followed by listing on the NZAX. The company's stake is accordingly reduced from full ownership to a 43% shareholding. In October 2008, Mighty River power purchased a 19.95% share of Windflow technology. In October 2009 Long Gully wind farm receives consent for 25 Windflow 500 turbines, subject to appeals lodged with the Environment Court.

In August 2010 the company signed UK Distributor Agreement with Ventus Green Energy to maximize the wind energy opportunities for 500 KW turbines under the UK government's feed tariff scheme. In the month of September the company received IEC Type Approval Certificate from Lloyd's Register.

Company' structure

Windflow Technology Limited collects nacelles in its factory in Christchurch. The components are supplied from all over New Zealand. 90% of the components are kiwi-made. The company owns the subsidiary: Wind Blades Ltd which is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Wind Blades manufacture tooling and supply volume production for the Windflow 500 rotor blades, and a wide range of composite products for other customers.


On 17 January 2013, New Zealand and wind turbine designer and manufacturer, Windflow Technology Ltd, announced that it had received its first royalty payment from US-based licensee general Dynamics SARCOM Technologies.

In February 2013 the company installed a 500 kW turbine on the windy island of Orkney, its first exported turbine which expected to generate over GBP350, 000 per year. In July 2013 the company has appointed grant Thornton as their external auditors, effective immediately for the year ended 30 June 2013.


On July 10, 2013 the Windflow Technology Ltd announced that the Board of Directors has resolved to pay the first dividend on the Company's preference shares. These share which are unlisted, were issued in March this year pursuant to the Company's February rights issue prospectus. The dividend was paid to the holders of preference shares recorded on the register on the record date of June 28, 2013. The total dividend payment was $125,545.68.

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