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Asking For Feedback On Marketplace Proposal

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Marketplace - Developing An Idea To Crowd-source The analysts Among us

As mentioned in previous articles, I have been invited by Seeking Alpha to set up a Marketplace service. After some initial hesitation, I realized this could present an opportunity to crowd-source the analysts among us (professional and amateur) to join cooperatively and facilitate the availability and accessibility of readily usable data across a wide range of companies of interest to us. I must apologize for the delay in launching this service. This will involve a major time commitment and suitable infrastructure needs to be in place to manage what I envisage will be a cooperative effort to better understand the businesses underlying shares of interest for investment.

The Structure Of My Proposed Marketplace

I see a structure where a number of teams, each of 5 to 10 members, will work to analyze the businesses of corporations of interest and produce articles for eventual publication on Seeking Alpha. Ideally, the various teams will include people with writing skills, financial modeling skills, engineering and other professional and technical backgrounds, and industry experience relevant to the businesses under review. By working cooperatively, it should be possible for all team members to produce quality articles, hopefully at a rate of 1 to 3 articles per team member each quarter. I intend for there to be a number of these teams, and articles will be shared across all teams for comments before publication on Seeking Alpha. Internal comments on the articles might result in further revision to improve or expand the article content prior to submission for publication on SA. At present, my preferred option for sharing files among team members is through the use of Dropbox.

Standardized Format For Production Of Articles And How It Works

I plan to provide a standardized article format with a standardized financial model to facilitate production of articles, but there will be no limitation on team members ability to construct their own article formats. I believe the greatest benefit that will flow to team members from authoring a structured article will be the disciplined review of tickers in which they have an interest. Hopefully, there will be sufficient teams to enable coverage of all tickers in individual members share portfolios (10 teams each with 10 members covering 3 tickers each will give coverage of 300 tickers). Production of articles by team members will provide the discipline of in depth review of stocks in individual portfolios and also provide income from SA to offset the cost of subscription to my Marketplace service.

Affordability Of The Service And the Benefits Obtained

The present payment by SA for most primary ticker articles is ~$53 per month. I am proposing an initial monthly subscription fee of $47 with a 25% discount for initial subscribers to the service. The benefits for members of my service who publish at least two articles per quarter is their income from SA will completely cover the cost of subscription to the service. In addition, if not presently publishing on SA, members who publish at least 1 article per quarter will gain free access to articles behind the SA paywall which at current Pro subscription rates of $29.99 per month is worth $89.97 per quarter. But possibly the greatest benefit will be the access to the detailed research and commentary by the entire group of teams on tickers of interest. At the same time, while publication of articles will be encouraged, there will be no quota or requirement for individual team members to publish articles.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on your interest in subscribing to such a Marketplace service as described above.

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