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What's Ahead For Star Scientific

CIGX took a healthy breather the last two days after making a run at the $5 barrier. IMHO, there were forces that didn't want to see it break through $5. That may have had something to do with the exercise of the warrants and possibly even the sale of shares associated with the Russell rebalancing (we may never know for sure). Those forces may continue to try to hold the stock down. In a way, that is not a bad thing as long as you want to accumulate as much stock as you can at prices below $5. Although I occasionally trade a stock, I am more of a long term investor than I am a trader. If you agree with the comments in the chart linked below (that CIGX can change your financial life), then it doesn't really matter all that much whether you buy at $4.20 or at $4.90 if you believe that stock will be a 20 bagger from current levels in a year or two.

So, what should we be focusing on now?

Personally, I am focusing more on the sales growth of Anatabloc than I am focusing on the tobacco litigation. The tobacco settlements will occur in due course (I think before October, but I have been wrong plenty of times before). It's quite possible that a tobacco settlement could come out of the blue in July, especially if you understand the dynamics of the tobacco litigation. But the tobacco settlement discussions are behind closed doors and none of us are privy to any progress in that arena, so we might as well focus on areas where we can access real market data (Anatabloc sales growth at GNC and from Star's website sales). One caveat as to the tobacco settlement discussions...if we start seeing daily jumps in the stock price of >.50 with no apparent news, then it is highly possible that a tobacco settlement (or a big pharma teaming agreement) is around the corner. It is also not beyond the realm of possibility that either a big pharma or a big tobacco company might try to acquire Star Scientific. If that happens, any low ball offer (like $10-$15) would likely be rejected by the CIGX board, but could cause a bidding frenzy similar to the bidding war over 3PAR (between HP and Dell).

So, for the time being, I am continuing my visits to GNC stores. I am not only gathering market intelligence on how sales are going, but I am also trying to educate GNC store employees about the fantastic things that Anatabloc can do. Recently, I have started handing out the list of human ailments that Persyst has tracked where Anatabloc users have written testimonials on the internet.

Right before our very eyes we are seeing the steady growth of Anatabloc sales, both on the web site and at GNC stores. We are also seeing numerous new anecdotal stories of people who have had lifelong ailments disappear in a few weeks after taking Anatabloc. We know the skin cream is just around the corner, and we have already seen internet testimonials on a rosacea blog. We have even seen a picture of the Anatabloc skin cream posted on the internet (although that picture has now been taken down). We have heard lots of anecdotal stories about Anatabloc curing dogs of arthritis and of allergies, so I imagine a veterinary line of Anatabloc products is just around the corner as well.

There have been several anecdotal testimonials about people with MS feeling better and moving better after taking Anatabloc. I have one friend with MS who is taking it and she is seeing significant improvements (she now has no pain and is walking without a cane). If it works as well in humans as it does in mice, everyone that has MS should be taking Anatabloc. Here is the video of mice with MS that can't move their hind legs.

After treatment with Anatabloc...they regained normal movement.

I encourage everyone to visit the local GNC stores and do some market research about how well Anatabloc is selling...and while you are there, let the GNC Sales Associates know how many different conditions people have used Anatabloc for (give them Persyst's list). Tell them to watch all the youtube video testimonials like these....

and Freddie Couples interview...

I think we will see more attempts to shake out weak hands, but buying on the dips is a smart strategy. I think the stock will hit double digits at some point in the next 2-3 months, as more people become aware of Anatabloc and we see more and more users and testimonials.


Disclosure: I am long CIGX.