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Bitcoins- Are You People Nucking Futs?

Help me out here. You want to invest in a shadowy new currency, created by a pseudonym and based on people solving complex mathematical formulas, and often used in illegal money laundering schemes and websites that sell assassins and drugs?

And even stranger to my way of thinking, my Government seems ready to legitimize this currency based on the recent meetings they convened. Isn't this the government that can't accomplish the rollout of a healthcare website? I've seen stoner kids wake up from a hash haze and put up a website in a few hours from their basement but I wouldn't trust them to regulate a new currency for me.

Anyone remember the financial crisis of just a few years ago? And they accomplished that with only 1 legitimate and historically stable currency. What kind of meltdown can they create with Bitcoins thrown in the mix? Now I will give them credit for the move they accomplished begging Jamie Diamond to bail them out on no notice and then suing him for 13 Billion, but as any true grifter knows you can only pull a short con like that so often in the same territory before it catches up to you and you get kneecapped.

So in short, unless I suddenly find myself longing for an illegal arsenal of drugs, weapons and hitmen or feel like turning my US dollars in for a currency that could evaporate overnight and be worth the same as a confederate note, I'll avoid Bitcoins, Tulips and Enron for now.

My Name is Toasty "Anti-Bitcoins" 54 adn I approve this message!

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.