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Time Turns A Loser Into A Winner

|Includes: Medallion Financial (MFIN)

I made a horrible trade in Medallion Financial----bought at $25 and it now sells for $11.56.......but I made that terrible trade in 1998 when I along with a ton of Americans decided it was time to be millionaires playing the market.....then I forgot about it and playing the market in general when my high flying tech company crashed and burned and girlfriend turned into wife and life got in the way of my wild stock betting loses......

So how is this a winner. Simple Time + 8% yield more than doubled my number of shares while I dripped it unawares..

then came the kid and a job change and seeking alpha and I got smart enough to look at my holdings once again.......and smarter enough to stop plowing money back into this 50% loser and now use the $50 quartely to build dry powder and redeploy it into blue chip wide moat divvy payers. Been doing that for a couple of years and at $200 a year my initial investment is getting paid back quickly enough and I have the divvys and rissing pps in the news stocks adding to my overall pile...

So time + yield > bad investment + cluelessness.

Wish they taught that to me in high school math class instead of that silly algebra crap.

Toasty " 5 + 4 =" 54

Disclosure: The author is long TAXI.