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Instinto Mercado

|Includes: FAS, GLD, GOLD, SLV, UGL, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD)

Friday May 29, from the airport ChengĂș in a while due to travel Xi'an.

Starting with the favorite. Metals. I think the time is nearing for the silver and gold. The USD.EUR and is 1.4, the bad news but the market continued a rally was impressive (I have the impression that they will correct soon). Gold and silver rose with the rest of the values, but it seems to me that we still have the potential to rise. Layers came soon, but I'm going to do through ETF, no future, I will go with UGL and AGQ, a little in each one, with gold and silver ETF leveraged by my great love of risk (if someone wants to enter through the stock market to gold or silver without leverage can do through GLD, the bottom most of the world gold holdings, and the SLV, silver ETF, both have a good volume). Additionally I do not like any currency, I do not like the USD, I do not like the EUR, or YEN, or other European, which gives more value to the view I have of metals, such as the classic proof of value (not going view to putting coins now, but if I'm going to choose one with BRL, our dear reail brasileiro).

On the other hand .. rally that the oil .. I did not believe he was going to break the barrier of 60 and now there is some talking to be 80. I made a bad investment through the USO, an ETF that buys. WTI, crude oil future of Texas .. The ETF is very bad, the rollover mixado with Contango you break your knees. Not used. Buy the USO with a friend when I was around 33, with. WTI 44. Now. WTI is at 64 and the USO at 35.5.

FAS, which had bought the ETF that x3 leveraged U.S. financial sector to pay me right, I had bought in 5.1, it rose to touch the 13, and now in 9.4. It is a great vehicle for now it works very well, I have shares of the fund, have purchased shares of many companies in the U.S. financial sector. For the sector .. I like a lot, I think it was very hit and when you get the recovery going to see a good increase in shareholder value. In the short term I'm expecting a market correction .. so one must walk with care.

Regarding the stock market .. the rally from March to May 8 was tremendous values fell slightly lateralized and the rest of May. I am sorry that we made the correction that should have done. Everyone says that March was the floor of this huge drop, which is the beginning of recovery .. It can be .. but for now I remain very cautious, small trades, volume gains and get out, I do not smell anything bad that was completed, the indicators remain dismal, the U.S. government has the largest debt in history, there are deflationary pressure over the issue the recession-depression, and there are inflationary pressures in the amount of silver released and low rates. It is a quilombo. Opinions pointing in all directions. This convinces me more that we must be cautious, make trades by exploiting the high volatility, but with care.

Other markets.
Hong Kong. I love it. I do not understand anything of what happens there but not for climbing.
Brazil. Pity that it does not! But not all are, of course. Favorite is the emerging market, investment grade, all the major investment banks were talking about the market before the crisis, are now worried about survival, but anyway it is the echo of "Brazil as an emerging market" is playing in the ears of investors. Petrobras, the Brazilian big favorite now in 42usd when 16usd had seen on the floor of the crisis (this went doubly favored by the oil, Brazil, rebound, everything).
Spain. Property market. Purchase! I do not know if it was flat, but the punishment is tremendous, he is a nice potential.

Being addressed! I gotta go, I could not write anything that comes to me, but I send you a little of what I am seeing.
The trip comes in handy in this city saw pandas Chengdu, commissions classic meals, say walking, and I buy several gifts for my family, recently sent by China Post (expensive shipping China-Argentina).
Look for breathing, feeding, movement, sleep and thoughts. These 5 points are the key to our physical and mental health.
Hugs from Mao-loving republic.