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Choosing A Wedding Photographer For Awesome Results


The wedding is that one fabulous day when everything has to be fabulous of course. Read on to find out how to choose a fabulous wedding photographer.

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Choosing a wedding photographer isn't the only important thing you do when planning a wedding. But of course, it is crucial owing to the fact that you don't get to see the results till the time you have no time to walk back and correct your mistake. Unlike decor, food and other preps, photography delivers much later and the damage is irreversible, unless, you don't plan to get dressed up again and get all the photography work redone. Sounds raunchy, isn't it? That's why, to save you from these dirty hassles, we've come up with some tips on choosing a wedding photographer for awesome results.

Choose a theme before you choose the artist

Artist? Well, a photographer is certainly an artist who has the aesthetic sense of capturing the splendid moments from an amazing angle with the perfect light. Before you choose the wedding photographer, decide the theme you want and get a photographer who specializes in it. For instance, you can choose documentary, portraiture, fine art or edgy-bold. Get your imagination to some use on this one!

Get reviews and check testimonials

Once you've shortlisted the wedding photographers in NYC, look for their reviews and testimonials, and make sure they all sound genuine. Reviews from married friends can also help you in short listing. Remember, different people might have different opinions about the same photographer based on their personal experiences, but the majority is the key here.

Check out his previous work

Checking out some wedding albums your photographer has created will not only give you a clear idea about his work; you might also stumble upon some great ideas not just for photography, but for your dress, hair, decor and what not!

Are you comfortable with the photographer?

Apart from his work, the comfort level he builds around himself is another key that's very important. You will contribute to the wedding album just as equally as your photographer does, so your comfort level with him would make a huge impact. Bonding with your wedding photographer is very important. Also, he should be respectful towards your suggestions instead of being timid and I-know-it-all.

Not the least, price tag!

Every wedding has a budget and every wedding budget is segregated among various needs. That's understandable. In New York Photography can be done on all budgets. Define yours clearly and stick on to it. 10% up or down, however, wouldn't be a bad deal though.

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