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Finding A Great Baby Photographer


Choosing a baby photographer isn't rocket science,

But it is, indeed, an important step.

Your baby portraits will remain your lifetime treasure so choose a photographer wisely.

To immortalize your baby's infancy and innocence, get enough baby photography done professionally. Your baby album will become your most cherished possessions with time and your child will love it too when he/she grows up. There are many experts in baby photography in NYC, but before you choose a baby photographer, there are some important factors to look at-

Does the photographer connect with the baby and the family?

Many professional photographers understand the importance of emotions in a photograph. Many don't! Photographs actually come alive when the photographer is able to connect and clicks the emotions, not just the people. For those who don't, the pictures come out as plain, impassive and cold. Try to measure up the E.Q. (Emotional Quotient0 of the photographer and try to understand how important emotions for him are. If they aren't, he'll only capture the frame, without feelings.

How passionately had he maintained his gears?

Nearly opposite of the previous factor, but it is important for a photographer to maintain technically advanced gears to click amazing pictures. There are state-of-the-art cameras that can overcome all hurdles like light and come out with amazing results every time. It is important to see if your photographer has the passion for technology and has kept his cameras and gears updated.

Is he looking forward to spend time with your baby and you before the photography session?

Babies are mostly timid towards strangers and it's sometimes impossible to make them smile. A good, professional baby photographer will understand his fact clearly from his experience and will surely ask to get some time out with the baby before the photo session. This will not only make the baby comfortable, but also let the photographer understand the baby's state of mind, his comfort zones and hence he will be able do more justice to his work.

Check out his portfolio, and previous work

Before you hire him, it is important that you take a look at his previous work. You can browse his portfolio online or even ask him to show you some samples. This will help you understand his style of working and to know whether he's the right person or not. You can also make suggestions based on his previous work and check if he's open to criticism.

Is he burning a hole in your pocket with his price quotation?

Ask for his price quotation and compare his pricing to the regular pricing prevailing n the market. If you think he's trying to burn a hole in your pocket and his work isn't too spectacular from what you saw, his, probably isn't the right guy! You can also ask your Maternity Photographer in NYC to suggest you a photographer for the baby too.

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