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"Peril In The Markets?" - a series

I have recently written a series of posts concerning what I consider problematical aspects of the financial markets.  This analysis was done from a Technical Analysis (NYSEMKT:TA) perspective.  The five-post blog series can be found at my blog,

As those with experience in Technical Analysis know, problems can arise despite a rising market such as that seen in the S&P500.  The S&P500's rise has been very strong since the early March lows of ~666.  However, the greater questions at this point are

  • How sustainable is the advance? 
  • Where will the markets go from here?
  • What might be some early warning signs that trouble awaits?
As I have written previously, I believe that the stock market rally from early March is a bear market rally, meaning that we will go below the 666 level on the S&P500 in the future.  The reasons for this are numerous from a fundamental perspective, as well as a technical one.  The technical reasons are discussed in the blog posts above, whereas the fundamental ones are discussed throughout my blog.