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water and paper on the move

so what's moving in the Pelosi/Reed/Obama economy?  Well if there's lot's of it and it's cheap it's on the move.  That means water and paper.  And how does it look at the dock.  According to Pedro (his actual first name) "lot's of cutbacks at the publisher after a big exapansion."  Are the newspapers moving, though?  "Well, yeah.  We're the only newspaper in town."  And how much bottled water is sold at Home Depot.  "Really none at all," according to Amanda.  "I think this load will last us the rest of the summer. Usually we sell the stuff for the water coolers and not the bottled stuff."  So how are the suppliers doing?  "Pass it on down the line.  If this stuff ain't moving we're not making money."  And load assignments for truckers?  "How you doin' with yours."  That's not a good sign.  Lots of inventory piling up outside the big box stores and auctions among big box store owners on who gets the scratch and dents with DEEP discounts.  As to be expected its the retailer that takes it on the chin when governments no longer care about growth in an economy let alone goods producing jobs.  As an aside there was an explosion of a train carrying ethanol that killed a bunch of people in Illinois.  Expect more since ethanol cannot be moved via pipeline but must be moved via the transportation grid.  LONG DISTANCES, too which again adds to expense of ethanol as opposed to that "evil fuel" gasoline.  So where's all that talk of "blood for alternatives" now that Americans in America are literally getting killed for it?  Oh, I forgot.  Democrats like ethanol.  Ethanol is "green" and "renewable" unlike oil which is merely safe and efficient.


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