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Social Media Tokens Research And Report




Social Media Token.

We are predicting that 2018 will be a year of change for blogging and chatting on sites that don't reward us for our content and curation of articles and blogs. 

After conducting analysts on trends in technology and social actions, Vilnius Industries is ready to conclude that social media sites that have tokens and cryptocurrency or block-chain based technology combined with social interaction at the publishing and curation level of articles directly linked to cryptocurrency rewards for quality content will be a growing trend. 

Finding a user friendly platform to access cryptocurrency takes some time searching and filtering out websites that are not ready yet, or sites that are not convenient to use. 

We looked at four sites:  

1.Yours - Yours requires users to fund their account first, only then the user can create content or vote. But the site is fully functioning and does operate smoothly. 

2.Steemit - Is the best social media token platform in class, a user can create an account that will be approved in about 48 to 72 hours, then the user can write articles, comment on other people's posts and vote on content all the time earning the cryptocurrency called Steem. 

3.Akasha - The only way to interact so far is to send an email and wait for a response. There is some information to read that provides technical information.

4.Mannabase - Again the only action available is to send an email and wait for a response, but there was plenty of information to read about the future of this platform.

Steemit was the only blockchain-based social media platform that appeared to be running without needing to add funds in order to participate in features like blogging and voting to earn blockchain-based crypocurrency the other 3 were not completely operational websites in our studies. 

This token based social media business model is not yet known to most analysts or the public at large, we might see a trend of IPO's on the New York Stock Exchange in the next 24 months, but whether that happens or not, with a business model of rewarding the user base, it sure has a chance to grow in 2018.