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Crisis in Silver Supply More Critical then We're Told

Crisis in Silver Supply More Critical then We're Told
Posted by Charleston Voice  staff

This article is a remarkable eye-opener. We are appreciative of the excellence put into it by Steve St. Angelo. 

Not only have the gold and silver paper markets been manipulated by bankers and US & Canadian governments in collusion, but official SUPPLY numbers are fraudulent, too! The Thomson Reuters GFMS London is duplicitous in this supply/demand manipulation by distorting silver "supply" by including government-minted coins such as Eagles held by investors and collectors in the available supply for the Mints! This definition corruption by word replacement certainly makes GFMS a co-conspirator of the international bankster cartel and the governments they own (I've come to understand now why Reuters has banned me from posting on any of their articles!). GFMS silver supply deception is another instance of an unobtainable derivative (unless theft by confiscation is a planned alternative). We're familiar all too well of  'confiscation-by-deception' being a tool of governments. Taking pensions, IRAs & 401Ks and swapping them for government debt bonds come to mind.

Just this morning (1/7/11) checking eBay for completed auctions silver eagles, I found eagles sold for $36-$41 per coin(shpg incl.). Pre-sale 2012 eagles were $39. With spot silver closing yesterday @$28.72, Eagles (I didn't check Maple Leafs or 90% "junk" coins) selling for premiums 20-30% above Friday's (1/6/12) spot!...
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