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The NED - A US Congress & State Dept Conduit For Funding Subversion & Violence In Foreign Nations

The NED - A US Congress & State Dept Conduit for Funding Subversion & Violence in Foreign Nations

Posted by Charleston Voice, staff report

The cooptation of the leaders of major opposition parties and civil society organizations in anticipation of the collapse of an authoritarian puppet government is part of Washington's design, applied in different regions of the World.

The NED is another of those subversive US taxpayer funded tax-free foundations. The more one discovers about the NED the more one realizes how harmful their activities are to the image and respect a foreign sovereignty would have for Americans. The NED is 'bi-partisan' continuously operating under both Democrat & Republican administrations. It is more than two-thirds funded by the US Congress and the US State Department as a conduit to distribute funds to the subversive elements in host countries. Distribution of the cash grants are made to other 501c(3) tax-sheltered subordinates in foreign countries...

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