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Old Tuna and the IFCOG

In Response to an article on Gold based ETF's;

 Ok, NOW I'm not certain whether this whole process of accumulating stocks/shares/etf's/wealth, has been such a good thing for me.

Alright, let's go ahead and assume that the natural order of our world has been- and may always be- determined by agressive behaviour, you know, big fish consuming smaller ones for hundreds of millions of years with no catastrophic impact upon "the natural ecology", the only effect being to have sharpened the senses of the prey, enabling them to better hunt at their level due to improvements brought about by natural selection.
( Crikey, what must Obama and his ilk think of THAT travesty?! And dont even try to argue that it is different. Somehow, without help from the International Fish Council of Overall Goodness {you know the one, captained by Marx, Chavez, Obama, Hitler, Geithner, Olbermann, Castro et al, those special 'chosen ones' that know what's best, better than the others} The Ocean has survived despite vicious and continued attack by the Sharks, Killer Whales, Conservatives.). 
SO, having assumed that I am a part of that mix, somewhere in the Tuna range perhaps, I am now strangely stricken with CONSCIENCE of all things.
You know how I can tell? In reading, reflecting, strategizing upon this article, there came a moment when, in mentally phrasing a response, I actually wondered whether it would BENEFIT ME as an owner of GLD to acknowledge in print the perceived superiority of SGOL - you know, the one controlled and made safe by The Swiss, our Buddies. Would the mention of that perception put me at a disadvantage in some way as $$ flew from one fund to the other in reactive agreement? Right, like the sudden strike by a single Tuna could have impact on the school.

No, the important thing in this epiphanic moment is that I FLINCHED, I pulled back from the strike. I could have traded without warning but instead THOUGHT ABOUT IT for a precious moment beforehand. Does this signal the downward spiral of the species? Will others follow, adopting an 'I wasnt that hungry anyway' demeanor?
Wait though, this might just endear me to the IFCOG,  what benefit might THAT have? Could I perhaps have been noticed? Could i maybe win a spot on the sub-council of IFCOG? Could I too become a Community Organizer?  OMG! this is all so beautiful!   We now have a place for Tuna who have become unable to feed! GOVERNMENT.    Jeezis, dont let this get out, all the other fat, out of shape, reflex challenged Tuna might want to try as well.  Come to think of it we've already heard from the toothless Shark,Gore, on reef water warming, turned out to be an El Nino.... Still, must'nt encourage them.... Hey wait, isnt this where we started?
Cynical bastard.  Meantime, long SGOL, until I buy a bigger safe