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Portfolio Asset Allocation Strategy..... A New Perspective.

Lets start with the basics. Portfolio Asset Allocation Strategy is a trading manner the twists up diversification, personal goals, and everything that makes trading do fun and independent.

If I am going to be a successful trader, I must have money spread out, so to say. This is one way to help a portfolio succeed. Remember, there are no guarantees.

I have to be able to think for myself. I have to listen to what my brain and instinct are telling me based on simple questions.

  1. Why am I choosing to pick this company to purchase stock in?
  2. Do the chart patterns show you, or do you even care? ( Don't feel bad, its a process.)
  3. What's the company really up to?
  4. Do you have a passion for trading in the first place???????????
  5. Institutional ownership, beta, patterns pattern patterns!!!!!

This means I have to make extremely wise, educated, and almost telepathic decisions on how to make my strategy work. This is a personal process, completely. No body can guide you in this, which filters out the people who are losing al their money to the successful traders.

I recently purchased two Orchids. I thought they were pretty and I named them S & P. The problem is, I did no research and as I type P is fading away. I bought both S & P at the same time, did not make the right investment when it came to purchasing my plant friends. Although one, S, seems to be flourishing, my poor little, more expensive, P, soon will be in flower heaven.

You see, if I had done a little more research and not just bought the eye candy, I woud have invested in a cactus. But, no one really puts the cactuses on top shelf.

I have learned this to be true with picks for the portfolio I am building.

2.How much money I got " homie"

If I have $1000.00 Go for S & P!!!! ( Not my Orchids!!)

3.Do the chart patterns show you, or do you even care? ( Don't feel bad, its a process.)

Yes, charts are entertaining! I love just training my brain TO SEE THEM RIGHT!!!! Its a topic I really can not try and explain, not now.....

4.Whats the company really up to?

Yup!!!! Go ahead and for the weirdest searches ever!!!! I once checked to see if Netflix was spying on me!! I learned really cool stuff!!!! (By the way, love NFLX:NASDQ)

Its amazing what I find out just putting love and time into the research for my pics. You know one rime I picked Einstien Bagels (BAGL:NYSE) because my initials are EMCC!!!!! But hell Love me Einstien.

Lionsgate (LGF: NYSE) came straight from quantum something. Don't even know the word for it.!!!!!! Somehow NFLX and LGF are best buds now!!

Companys working together get more done!!!!!!!!! For sure!!!!! And that is what's up!

  • Do you have a passion for trading in the first place???????????

THIS MUST BE A YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Instituional ownershit, beta, patterns pattern patterns!!!!!



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