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TwitterU™: Comstock's Junior [#BOND] Yellow Flags? --- PLUS: UPDATING Basic Energy Services CARNAGE

TwitterU™ brings you the best data-visuals of the day from Dallas Salazar and ATLAS Consulting (based on Twitter and Stocktwits impression and engagement data). Comprehensive, real-time breakouts of data-visuals as well as real-time Q&A is offered to paying subscribers of ATLAS Consulting's retail platform. 160-character breakouts of data-visuals are provided everyday, free of charge, via Twitter and Stocktwits.

TwitterU™ will focus on providing semi real-time, data-based, educational thought-process vehicles for Energy Complex events; bringing Big Data in easy to understand, data-first visual-representations of data outliers, actionable data, as well as what's moving the markets.


Contractual engagement with ATLAS Consulting offers real-time capital market consulting on promising stressed-equity opportunities as well as debt-vehicle and debt-market exposure consulting. Members receive personalized exposure consultations as well as broader stressed equity analysis on a member by member basis. Members also receive broader market, broader equity-campaign commentary and other data-first analysis via desktop, app, and phone conference updates. All capital market ideas and consulting come as endorsed, direct outcomes from firm research and analytics.