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Staying Bullish In A Technical Recession: Part 3


sell high

hedge with silver

sharp pull backs in a bull market are to be investigated

Bulls buy low and sell high. I'm a bullish and have been with one exception (y2k...which bitcoin reminds me of actually). I'm seeing numerous new lows (General Electric, Chipotle, Tesla, Gopro, Snapchat) some with very good fundamentals others with nearly none.

Since none of the current crop of Seeking Alpha types have experienced a down market (let alone bear market) i think many opportunities exist going into the Holiday Season to

first off: take some more profits

second: hedge by continuing to buy silver

3rd: look at a beaten down name like General Mills

4th: avoid the entire Airline Sector

5th: prepare for some type of disinflation as summer refuses to go away.

big corrections in individual stocks in bull markets such as this are normative. some Companies will eliminate their dividend to focus on fundamentals...others will see their stock as now cheap, execute on the business plan and slowly work themselves through "the rough patch."

you and your sacred dollars will have to decide which is the right approach to invest in at the lows (hopefully at the low. don't forget to dollar cost average of course).

now is a peculiarly bad time to be all in on any one thing (Apple, Facebook, Netflix, etc..)

Long Tesla.

Strong buy.