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20,000 Gallons Of Gasoline For One US Penny And Other Missives


us energy boom is broadening and deepening.

trade continues to boom despite taxation.

inflation is running wild globally.

inflation is running wild inside the USA.

the US Fed will stay on course and raise rates.

I would be adding hand over fist to SLV as the energy boom now begets an industrial boom. Trucking Companies cannot keep up with demand currently. Shorting the likes of Cummins, Navistar, Caterpillar, John Deere, etc is a fools errand.

Boeing has had a tremendous run on no particular News. I would take some profits. I still maintain a Sell on the Airline Industry as Airports are struggling to handle the complexities a the War on Terror paranoia/regulation brings and fuel costs remain very high relative to other forms of travel (rail, bus, automobile, ship).

Inflation adjusted there is no economic boom inside the USA nor has there been for some time. This is reflected by the collapse in Government tax collections and interest rates that look set to continue to march higher despite a very impressive Summer rally.