Position Yourself As An Authority Figure And Watch Sales Soar

Jan. 27, 2016 2:52 AM ETSOACF
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If you're a specialist in your field and you're looking to boost sales, position yourself as an authority figure. You'll gain credibility and be considered the "go to" source in your space.

Fortunately, it's not that difficult to build a reputation as an authority figure in a specific discipline. Of course, you have to start by being someone who actually is an expert in your domain, otherwise you're just a charlatan. From there, though, it's just a matter of basic marketing.

Positioning Yourself As an Expert

When it comes to positioning yourself as an expert, you're going to have to start with a bit of an ego. You don't need to be as full of yourself as Donald Trump, but you have to toot your own horn if you want people to hear it.

Sing your own praises. Brag about your accolades. If you have years of experience, advertise that. If you have certifications related to your field (you can get a certification in almost anything, even forklifts), then let people know.

The idea here is to not be shy. Be willing to come across as a little cocky. It beats losing money to your competitors.

Next, create an authority website and update it regularly. That way, you'll not only establish your reputation, but you'll also fulfill the responsibilities of a content marketer. Some of your pieces will get discovered by people searching for keywords related to your domain. Google will very likely reward you with new customers.

Also, create an expert introduction. For example, if you're asked to guest post on a blog (another way that you can gain status as an authority figure, by the way), you'll need to provide a brief biography that people read at the end of the article. Use a biography that makes it clear you're an expert (example: "John Doe is widely published author and an SEO specialist with more than a decade of experience in generating leads for small businesses from search engine results. He counts Fortune 500 companies among his top clients.")

Finally, put some humanity to your authority. Add a lengthy biography on the "About" section of your website that explains how you became the foremost authority in your field. Tell it from a personal perspective, offering the challenges you faced and the (non-financial) rewards you enjoyed when you were able to assist others.

How You Benefit As an Authority Figure

One of the most noticeable ways that you stand out as an authority figure is that you'll get noticed among your peers. Since chances are pretty good that some of those peers are competitors, you'll give yourself a competitive advantage when you're situated head-and-shoulders above them.

You also create scarcity in your own market. When you make it clear that you'rethe expert, you're advertising that you're a unique commodity. You're a one-of-a-kind specialist that's hard to find. As a result, you're actually limiting the supply of your personal brand and increasing your value. In a nutshell, that means you'll earn more money.

Additionally, you'll also get media attention when you're an expert. It's often the case that journalists will reach out to you for comment about some news story related to your domain. When that happens, they'll quote you and briefly mention your business. That's free publicity and it's likely to lead to more sales.

Being an authority figure also means that people will contact you to form partnerships. Those partnerships can be excellent opportunities to further boost your bottom line. It's also often the case that the right partnership will get you additional income without too much more work on your part. You can earn revenue that's almost passive if someone's looking to just put your name on their product or service.

Wrapping It Up

If your sales aren't where they should be, perhaps it's because you simply haven't promoted yourself as an authority in your niche. Take some additional steps to let people know about your expertise and your sales will skyrocket.

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