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5 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Content Development Process

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Till this day, content is the reigning king. Demand Metric's infographic revealed that content marketing generates three times as many leads as conventional marketing at a 62% lower cost. Unfortunately, most companies produce ineffective content, wasting an estimate of $1 billion annually according to Kapost. If you don't want to belong to this group, you need to work on your content development process.

To get you started and help you improve the process considerably, here are five tips from the experts.

#1) Establish the Roles of the Members of Your Content Development Team

To get organized and streamline your content development process, you need to assign roles to every member on your content development team. Aside from content marketing strategists who set your overall marketing strategy and determine your audience, content's goals, and topics to be covered, your team should have a:

  • Content Strategist - This professional will be in charge of determining which content and channels should be used to reach your audience. He or she will also be responsible for determining how the topics should be spread according to an editorial calendar.

  • Idea Contributors - After listening to your audience, an idea contributor will provide unique ideas and angles that make your content worthwhile. You don't have to hire anyone for this task; entrust it to anyone in your company, your customers, or your subscribers.

  • Content Creators - This role entails the designers, writers, videographers and even podcasters creating your content.

  • Content Editors - These experts fulfil the strategist's expectations as well as check your content's grammar. They also keep creators on tasks and polish content as expected.

  • Content Promoters - Tasked with the job of sparking interest in content, they'll use social media, forums and other channels to increase your traffic.

  • Community Managers - Professionals in this role monitor the buzz your content creates and respond to social mentions and comments.

  • Content Analysts - In this role, your team member will determine which content contributes to your goals by analyzing the stats behind the scenes.

#2) Always Plan Content Development in Advance

The best content development teams tend to plan for the entire month, two weeks before that month starts. That way, they can stay ahead of the game. Some of the things your content development plan should include to be considered comprehensive are:

  • Blog Posts with Complete Outlines

  • Emails

  • Gated Content

  • Landing Pages

  • Social Media Messages

  • Video

  • Weekly Topic Themes

To make the planning process efficient, ensure that both the content development team and stakeholders are in the same room. You can do this by setting the best time for all to meet during the middle of the month. Once you define your resources and topics, plan detailed outlines which everyone should follow the next month to achieve the overall strategy's goals.

#3) Decide on a Communication Tool That's Better than Email

Email can be quite distracting, especially with endless emails pouring in front different members. It's relatively slower in comparison to chat, wasting team members' precious time. Luckily, there are many project management tools that facilitate better communication between team members. You can even decide on a chat tool that allows members working on the same project to create separate chalets and communicate there.

#4) Keep the Approval Process Simple

Ideally, content creators should prompt their supervisors that their work was done so that they can look through it and approve it. However, approval takes up most of the team's time, especially if the content is is be run by stakeholders. In that case, consider requesting that a member be available at a specific time one day before publishing the content. Another way to simplify approval is entrusting the team with the whole process since stakeholders were initially involved and know what the content entails.

#5) Analyze the Performance of Each Post

During the mid-month meetings, make sure to analyze how the posts you've planned and curated have fared with the audience. This means constantly monitoring the performance of the content until new content replaces it in the limelight.

Because the content development process can be quite hectic, many consider outsourcing it to the professionals. On the other hand, some choose to curate and create their own. Lawyers such as Jonathan Rosenfeld or marketers like Niel Patel from Quick Sprout, for instance, choose to have their own teams and contribute to the content development process to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the content reaching their audiences. So pick the best option for you and start developing content effectively with these five tips.