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China Health Service Market 2020: Trends, Size And Growth

The health service industry is still in the initial stage in China. Since the reform and open up in 30 years ago, relative to the development speed of national economy, the development of health service industry lags behind, and cannot adapt to the development situation and requirement of social economy in the present stage in China. Although GDP grows fast each year and investment in medical health field increases year by year, the problem of "expensive and hard to visit doctors" still are not released.

Research suggests: the unhealthiest people of 1% and the people with chronic illness of 19% cost 80% of medical health costs. The sharply rising of chronic illness and medical costs is threatening the competitiveness of enterprise and state, so, to ensure every person enjoys health, it is the first imperative that not only should we improve the "diagnosing and treatment" system facing unhealthy people, but also establish a healthy service system serving health people. Complete report available @ .

Several elements are at work powering healthcare investment in China. With growing per capita incomes, China's quite wealthy individuals are asking for the latest in medical care and services. Simultaneously, replacing diets and air and water polluting of the environment is leading to an increase in the occurrence of cancer, heart, diabetic issues along with other chronic diseases among China's population. Both are developing new possibilities for drug manufacturing, medical equipment, hospital management and organizations that offer a wide selection of healthcare services and products.

Healthcare is among the last large market sectors in China to unlock to international investment and technology. Apart from increasing need for the best offered treatment of newly wealthy customers, China is dealing with new issues like cancer; cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as other long-term disease problems affects more of its population. Order a copy of this research report via sending an email at . Order before Apr 30th, 2015 and get 10% discount on this research report.

China declared a pilot project where foreign investors are able to set up entirely foreign-funded hospitals, either by Acquisition or Greenfield in 7 of its cities and provinces. Hence, private capitals as well as major investors are positively looking for new investment possibilities in hospitals and organizations with the most recent in healthcare technology.

In 2013, the market scale of the health service was about CNY 3.54 trillion, up 21.9% over last year, almost 3 times higher than the one in 2009. Along with the increasing market scale, the growth rate of output value also increases considerably in 2013; the output value of health service industry was as high as CNY 550 billion.

It is predicted that the market scale of health service industry will hit CNY 7.92 trillion in 2020, which is consistent with the national development objective that the market scale of health service industry will reach CNY 8 trillion by 2020. Get discount on this premium research report priced at US $1900 for single user PDF license. Order a copy before Apr 30th, 2015 and get 10% discount on this report at .

Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Health Service Industry.
2. Development of International Health Service Industry.
3. Development of Health Service Industry in China.
4. Segmentations of Health Service Industry.
5. Consumption Market of Health Service Industry.
6. Competition Pattern of Health Service Industry.
7. Key Health Service Organizations in China.
8. Development Trend Forecast of Health Service Industry.
9. Investigation on Investment Status Quo of Health Service Industry.
10.Investment Environment Forecast of Health Service Industry.
11.Investment Opportunity and Risk Evaluation of Health Service Industry.
12.Investment Strategy of Health Service Industry.

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