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Free Energy and the Worldwide Strategy for Suppression of That Technology

Apr. 05, 2011 6:31 PM ET1 Comment
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Free Energy and the Worldwide Strategy for Suppression of That Technology
When you look around you at the modern world, what stands out the most? What single thing can be said to define this modern era, as opposed to earlier times? The answer is "energy." Whether you live in Belgium or Santa Ana, Atlanta or Calgary, Mexico City or Perth, the one constant in your life is the need for energy.
The Immense Need for Energy of AH Types
Energy is needed in every aspect of modern life. From the electricity used within your home by devices like your computer, TV, Bluray player and your alarm clock to the energy needed to get your car from point A to point B, there is nothing more pervasive.
Our world needs energy; it simply cannot function without it. Moreover, that energy comes at a price. You pay for your gas by the gallon and your electricity by the watt. Energy is metered and doled out in parcels, with a premium attached to each little packet. That premium comes directly from your pocket and fattens the energy producers' bank accounts.
Of course, there is also the environmental cost of energy production. Oil and gasoline require drilling into the depths of the earth, looking for ever-scarcer deposits of crude oil. Even electricity production comes at a high cost to the environment, with pollution being only one of the many side effects that continues to damage and alter our world.
Most people think little about this. After all, you have to pay for that energy, right? You have to pay energy producers for the result of their hard work, correct?
What if there was a better way, though? Interestingly, there is a better way, but you have been kept in the dark about it. Free energy generation has been a concept for more than a hundred years. In fact, it is more than just a wistful idea, a concept without proof. It is real, but there are those who do not want you to know about it.
Who Benefits from Suppressing Free Energy Devices?
The natural question here is who actually benefits if free energy production is suppressed? The answer to that question should be glaringly obvious. Big Oil certainly benefits from suppressing innovative devices that generate free energy. If such devices were openly available for the general public, where would companies like BP earn their money?
However, Big Oil is not the only concern here. Where would your electric company get its money if you were to stop needing a steady supply from the power grid? What would investors do if you no longer needed gasoline in your car, oil for the engine or oil and gas for your home's heating and cooling system?
The government is involved as well. Through special interest groups and lobbyists, Big Oil, the word's automakers and many other entities are able to control our government and suppress things that they deem harmful to themselves.
If that sounds like "crazy talk," you need only consider the mysterious circumstances surrounding some of the most important inventors of yesterday and today. Many of these inventors were disgraced or blackmailed into taking their inventions off the market. Some have even died under what seem like more than suspicious circumstances.
What inventors have had their creations suppressed? Actually, the list is surprisingly long. There are hundreds of inventions that have been proven to offer significant benefits, only to be gobbled up and hidden away by major corporations or suppressed and forced to go underground by government agencies.
Of course, it is not just government and Big Oil that is responsible for suppressing inventions and research into free energy devices. Consider the case of Eugene Marlove, a proponent of cold fusion. He promoted the results of two Utah researchers (Rons and Fleischman) who claimed to have achieved cold fusion in their laboratory, but had their research suppressed by the very scientific community that should have supported them.
Tragically, Marlove was beaten to death on the streets of Norwich, Connecticut, by an assailant who was never brought to justice. While the police claimed robbery was the cause of the murder, many believed it was related to his work. Others researching cold fusion have also claimed to have had their work ridiculed and suppressed by the scientific and academic community.
Stanley Meyer claimed to have invented a water fuel cell that would power a vehicle, and even managed to patent the device. Meyer died suspiciously in 1998, immediately after eating at a restaurant. While cerebral aneurism was the cause cited by the coroner, many people believe that he was poisoned and that agents of Big Oil and the government were to blame.
The 5 Most Important Inventions Suppressed
While there have been hundreds of beneficial inventions suppressed by governments and corporations around the world, there are some that stand out. These include inventions from the likes of Nikola Tesla and Ed Gray, as well as others.
The Tesla Fuel-Less Generator:
Nikola Tesla is considered to have been a man ahead of his time. He was responsible for inventing the alternating current system of electricity that remains in use today, as well as for a number of other dramatic inventions. During the late 1890s, he began working on a generator that would produce electricity without the need for any fuel. However, Tesla was ruined by J.P. Morgan in an effort to keep Morgan's oil revenues high.
The Ed Gray   "the motor that runs itself"
During the 1970s, inventor Edwin V. Gray developed, built and patented a self-powering motor. Dubbed "the motor that runs itself," testing of an early prototype showed that it was far more efficient than any device then operating. In fact, his invention was of such importance that he was able to count investors like Bing Crosby and Boot Mallory in his backers. Gray died mysteriously in Nevada before his device could be brought into mass production.
StanleyMeyer's     Water Fuel Cell:
As mentioned previously, Meyer's fuel cell. This device was supposed to be enough to power a car from Los Angeles to New York and only use 22 gallons of water to do it - water, not gasoline. The fuel cell worked by splitting water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen, which were then burned as fuel. Meyer died under suspicious circumstances, which many took to be poisoning.
Thomas Beardert's                               Electromagnetic Generator:
Bearden has worked on a number of devices, including the motionless electromagnetic generator, a modified Wankel engine and several others. Due to pressure from the UN and other regulatory bodies, Bearden has not been able to produce his inventions in a commercially viable way.
Water-Splitting Technology;
Similar to Meyer's work, there have been other breakthroughs in the area of splitting water atoms apart to utilize the hydrogen and oxygen contained herein. One of the most notable was Dr. Andrija Puharich, who was granted a patent for such a device in 1983.
These are only five of the many advances in energy production technology that have been actively suppressed by the US and world governments, as well as by powerful corporations seeking to ensure a steady stream of profit to their bank accounts. However, this technology is real, and can give you the benefit of free energy - whether you want to power your car, your home or your entire block in some instances!

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