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Way To Go JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs!

Congratulations to JP Morgan for another huge quarter.

Job well done at Goldman Sachs once again!

I think people are misdirecting their anger at the banks.

Who helped AIG make GS whole?

Who allowed GS and MS become bank holding and then financial holding companies?

"Van Praag tells me that, even as a bank holding company, Goldman had various exemptions from 2 to 5 years to conduct various non-financial transactions"

Who backed billions of bank bonds for the few elite institutions, with the capital raised having no restriction whatsoever on executive compensation, while hurting healthy and responsible banks and lending to small businesses with a 3-year prepayment plan to save her agency?

Who dictated and sabotaged the deals involving Wamu and Wachovia and made giant banks even bigger?

Who gave Hank Paulson a big fat $800 billion blank check and now another $500 billion to Sheila Bair without limitation on how that money should only be used for deposit protection and not PPIP and TLGP?

I cannot help but feel sad for the thousands of jobs lost and billions of investments from average consumers and pension funds destroyed, every time I read about the spectacular quarter these powerful financial institutions had.

In the meantime, how is downtown Seattle now?

How are the farmers in Greeley?

How many loan modifications or short sales have gone through OneWest ( formerly IndyMac) in Pasadena?

Most importantly, when is President Obama going to speak up for and bring justice to little people like us?