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Trade Update Jan29 FB AAPL NFLX By Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

|Includes: AAPL, AMZN, BABA, BIDU, Facebook (FB), NFLX

Block buster earnings trades AAPL FB NFLX

This week we had three earnings trades on AAPL, FB and NFLX. The AAPL trade was a Bull Call - Bear Call combo which is producing a 400% return.

On FB, it was a post-earnings trade which is already up 60% in 1 day.

On NFLX, we started with a Long Call, converted to a free debit spread, and added a credit spread at the other end. This trade has a potential to return about 200% in the next 6 weeks.

All of these trades were taken in our SwingTradeMAX room, and for the month of January, we had 8 trades and were 8 for 8 winners. All of them produced a minimum return of about 50% going up to 400%.

Watch video below

Trade Update Jan29 FB AAPL NFLX By Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

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