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Oil Trade Long Term USO By Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

|Includes: iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM), LNKD, NFLX, ORCL, PCLN

Oil hit a low of about $43 in the Futures market (/CL) a week ago, and since then it's been going up, around $52 now. So what's the outlook going forward ?

The simple answer is of course, we don't know, but if you felt Oil has hit a bottom, and over the 12 months, you felt it was going to go higher, then here's a trade idea that can potentially maintain a bullish bias while at the same time takes advantage of a flattish price action or even a down move.

The strategy is a Diagonal, on one of the most liquid instruments, USO which is the Oil ETF.

The video analyzes sentiment by looking at Open Interest.

Watch video below.

Oil Trade Long Term USO By Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

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